Friday, March 8, 2013

Tulle Spring Wreath

I bought roughly 20 yards of tulle to decorate for my daughter's owl-themed first birthday party. I decided that I needed to find some creative ways to use up all that tulle!

This spring wreath is SO very easy to make. If you can tie a knot, then you can make this wreath.


  • Tulle, cut to desired length (I cut strips approximately 12 inches long.)
  • Foam wreath
  • scissors
  • wooden letter (you can spray paint it to your desired color if you'd like)
Directions: Cut strips of tulle. Tie the tulle around the foam wreath. I tied 2 pieces together at a time. Position the knots on the outer most part of the wreath. Use tulle to attach the letter and to create a loop to hang the wreath. Fluff out the tulle and trim pieces if necessary. Easy, huh?