Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easy "Dish Towel" Child's Apron

I haven't posted anything in a while because my family moved into a new place. I am excited to finally have a space for my crafting! I had bought the materials for this project a while ago, but with the move and getting sick I hadn't had time to work on it. Once I finally sat down to work on it, it took less than an hour to complete (and most of that time was spent setting up my sewing machine and remembering how to thread the needle!).


  • one 18"x24" dish towel. (I bought mine from Target on clearance.)
  • at least 1 yard of ribbon
  • sewing machine, with coordinating or matching thread (Or, you can hand sew)
  • scissors
  • match or lighter (to melt ends of ribbon to prevent fraying)

This project is so easy that you could even do it without sewing and just using a little Witchery Stitchery.

Lay out your towel (wrong side up) and your ribbon. Fold over your towel on the upper corners, measuring 4 inches in and 9 inches down and pin in place. Thread your ribbon through the folded portions, leaving about 18 inches of ribbon for a neck hole. 

For a slightly more finished look (which doesn't really matter because this is the back of the apron), trim any excess fabric and tuck the unfinished edges under the ribbon. Once it is sewn, it will look clean and neat.

Sew along each edge of the fabric and ribbon so the ribbon is secured in place. For added support, sew an X on the upper part of the fabric/ribbon wear the apron will be pulled over the child's head. 

Trim the ends of your ribbon and melt with the heat of a lighter or match. This will prevent any fraying. If you want to get extra fancy, you can sew on pockets or personalize your apron. Since the fabric I chose has words, I just wanted to keep it simple.