Monday, January 10, 2011

Fleece Pom-Pom Hat

I received a sewing machine for Christmas, and I went to the fabric store with every intention to get fabric for a project that actually required me to use my new machine. But, I had seen this project in my "Crafty Momma" book and found the perfect fabric for it. So, I decided to make a Pom-Pom Hat for my friend's new baby and one for her older daughter. 

Start with a 15"x22" piece of fleece. The fleece should be stretchy along the 22" side. Lay the fleece flat on your work surface. Fold the bottom unfinished edge of the fabric up 1.5" and then again to make a finished looking band for the hat. Pin it in place. Now fold the fleece in half to make a 15"x11" piece that is 2 layers think. This is where you would measure your child's head or use a hat to fit and trim off the excess fabric. Make sure to add .5" or 1" to your measurement for the seam. 

Use an eyelet puncher to punch through the layers of your felt. You will want to punch about a quarter inch from the edge of the fabric and about a half inch apart. Using a long piece of felt, about half an inch think, wipe stitch along the edge of the fabric, knotting the fleece at each end.

Cut the remaining fabric at the top about 1/2 inch apart. 

Gather the fringed top with another long piece of fleece and double know it to hold it all together. The seam of the hat will be in the back. 
I made a smaller version for the baby, with the stripes going the other way. So cute!

I had enough fabric left over to make a coordinating Tag Blanket for the baby.  I love these blankets because they are soft, warm and babies love playing with the tags during belly time. 

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