Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cereal Box Gift Bag

I cringe every time I break a box down and put it in the recycling bin. "There has to be something I can do with it," I think to myself. Well, now there is! At my house, we go through (on average) 2 boxes of cereal a week. That's 104 boxes of cereal a year. That's not even counting the dozens of shipping boxes we get rid of from internet purchases. So, the next time you toss a cereal box, or any box for that matter, I challenge you to think of a way to reuse it! Here is one idea I recently shared with my MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) group: use an empty cereal box to make a gift bag.

Start by tearing off the top flaps of your cereal box, so you have an opening on the top. 

Wrap the cereal box, just as you would a gift box, but tuck in and tape down the extra paper in the inside of the top opening. You can use decorative gift wrap, newspaper, or for a more "recycled" look, you can skip the wrapping all together and just display the cereal logo. Using a hole puncher, punch two holes about 4-5 inches apart on each side of the box. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon (any kind will do), one for each handle. Thread the ends of the ribbon into each hole and tie them together on the other side. (This will prevent the handles from slipping through the holes and you dropping your gift!) 

This is what your bag should look like after it is wrapped and the handles are attached. 

Add some tissue paper and a decorative charm to one of the handles (I used to snowflake ornament that matched the paper perfectly), and you are done! 

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