Thursday, January 6, 2011

30 Page Theme Scrapbook Album in a Day!

People tend to think that scrapbooking is a hobby that has to take lots of time and money. That doesn't have to be the case. I made a 30-page Baby Boy album for a friend in just one day (about 8 hours) and I only used about $30 in Creative Memories materials to create the pages for the album. You can do it too, using power layouts. 
The consumable materials I used: Baby Boy Arrival ($9), Baby Boy First Year ($9), Milestone Quick Kit ($13) and a variety of coordinating cardstock (80 cents/sheet). (I used about 12 sheets of cardstock.) I also used a few letter stickers, but very few. 

Step 1: Find a large area that you can use to spread out your page layouts. I like to use my king-sized bed, but you can use a table or even the floor. 

Step 2: Using post it notes, title each spread with what will go on that page. (Coming Home, First Bath, etc.) If you have your pictures, this would be when you would decide which pictures you want to use and which you want to toss. Sort your pictures onto the page. I pick the color of my background paper based on the colors in my pictures. In this case, I didn't have the pictures since it was a gift. So, I just grabbed random pieces of paper. 

Step 3: Cut apart your stickers from the whole sheet. Sort your stickers, putting them on the page you want to use them on. Remember, you aren't sticking anything down, yet, so you can change your mind later. Also, sort your photo mats and journaling boxes. (CM mats are precut to fit a 4x6 photo, so no cropping is required!)

This is what your layouts should look like...just materials thrown together. Stack everything on top of each other in the order that the pages will go in your book. Now when you sit down to scrapbook everything you need for that page will be right in front of you (background paper, stickers, photo mats, journaling mats, title stickers and pictures if you have them.) All you will have to do now is decide where you want things to go on the page. 

Basic tools I used: 12-inch trimmer, personal trimmer (for photos), scissors, tape runner, corner rounder and shape punchers if you'd like to use them. I also used some letter stamps and brown stamping ink. 

Once you start scrapbooking, you may decide to not use some of the materials you originally assigned to that page. That's okay! Everything may not fit, or you may find that you need another piece of cardstock. It's much easier to just grab a piece of cardstock you need than having to search for ALL the materials you need for a page every time you start a new page. I used to scrapbook like that (before I learned about power layouts) and it would take me 1-2 HOURS to complete ONE spread. Never again!

Below are the finished pages. Now my friend just has to add her pictures and do some journaling.

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