Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crayon Party Favor Bags

Materials for each bag - 4 sheets of felt (for the actual bag), felt for the crayon applique, ribbon, thread, a sewing machine and LOTS of patience. :o)

The front and back of the bags measure 8.5x11 inches. The sides are 3x11 inches. The bottom is 8.5x3 inches, and each handle is 2x11 inches (sewn in together in half to make them 1x11 inches each).

For the crayon applique, all you have to do is cut out your parts and iron them on in layers using fusible webbing. They won't move around on you when you stitch around the entire crayon. If your machine does applique stitching, then that step will be easy. If not, just do a very thick stitch around the edge. 

Next, I stitched on the ribbon on the base of each bag, just for a more decorative look. 

For these first few steps, I had my friend, Emily, helping me. Actually, she taught me how to use a sewing machine and make the bags! 

Just assemble the bag with straight stitching, making sure to reinforce the handles with an X.  (I'm sure there is a technical sewing term for that, but I don't know what it is!) To personalize each bag, just cut out letters from felt that already has adhesive on the bag and simply stick them to the bags. Or, you can cut out letters from regular felt and hand stitch them onto the bags.

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