Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Stockings

My mommy group here in Baton Rouge has adopted a family for the holidays. We collected donations as a group, so we could bring the family gifts, food & household goods. I made these stockings for the mom and her 3 kids, so we could fill them full of goodies for the family.

I started with an inexpensive felt stocking that I got from Target. (They were only $1 each!) Using fabric paint, I embellished them and monogrammed them with each of their names. I wish I would have had more time to come up with a cuter design, but time is running short for me so I just painted what I could do freehand. I think they turned out pretty cute, though.
Started with a plain stocking and wrote each of their names with fabric paint. 
Then, I embellished each stocking with a snowman, tree, rudolf, and "Mom."

The snowman was my favorite. (Can't figure out how to orient the picture on my blogger, though.) 

When the paint dries, the red nose & sparkles will pop! 

Finished Product
Finished Product


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  2. Love it! They turned out great! God bless yall for doing such a good deed!!!! :)

  3. These are really cute! The snowman is my favorite as well.