Monday, November 8, 2010

Bow Making

With the holidays right away the corner, it is bow-making season at the Schaffhauser house! I just made a bow for a gift basket for my friend Emily's birthday. Making bows are inexpensive, easy to make and make a big impression!

Supplies you will need: Wire cutters, floral wire, scissors and of course, wired ribbon. 

Start by making a small loop. This will be the center of your bow. Then start looping the ribbon back and forth on either side, twisting it if need be to make sure the "good side" is always showing. 

When the bow is as full as you want it to be, cut a long piece of floral wire, slip one end through your center loop and twist to secure the bow. If you have trouble doing this, try stapling your bow together first to keep everything in place. 

Now cut your bow off from the rest of your ribbon, making sure to leave a long piece at the end. But, we need a couple more long pieces to make it look right! Just cut off a few long pieces and secure them to the back of your bow by twisting the floral wire. 

Gather the top of the cellophane wrapping on your gift basket, and secure your bow with the floral wire.  

Fluff your bow to make it look nice and full and add some waves to your long ribbon pieces. 

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